The holiday in a Lappish village is waiting for you

As a vacation destination, Levi is incomparable. The enchanting  nature  of Levi offers a lot to experience and see in every season. As a ski and cross-country center  , Levi is perfect for families and enthusiastic active vacationers alike. In summer Levi offers outdoor activities from  hiking  and  biking  to  adventures  on the water and in the air in the climbing park. You can spend midsummer on our  18-hole golf course next to the fell. In autumn, the blaze of colors of nature - or ´Ruska´ in Finnish - attracts tourists from near and far. The year in Levi peaks in November with the      World Cup races in the Alpine Skiing  World Cup Levi . Then the world-famous athletes are on site and offer breathtaking sporting performances on the Levi Black slope.

The animals of Lapland can even be seen in the streets and there is a lot on offer -  dog sleddinghorse riding  and  reindeer rides . If you like a little more swing, just go on a  snowmobile tour in  winter and a  quad tour in summer. You can end the day in the  spa Find out more about activities and adventure programs on the Levi.fi website.

In addition to year-round activity options, Levi's entertainment scene leaves  no one indifferent. No wonder Levi was named Finland's top after-ski holiday destination last season  (Lumipallo.fi voting results), perhaps precisely because of the many  piste restaurants  and the variety of  evening life . When  Finland's best  entertainers  and  singers come to Lapland, they don't avoid Levi, because the atmosphere is always guaranteed to be very good!

Check out Levi's events calendar and pick your favorites in Levi.

Midnight sun and northern lights

In summer we enjoy the  midnight sun  and in winter we admire the white winter landscape and the magical  northern lights,  Aurora Borealis .  You can experience all of this in Levi and everything in between. It is really no wonder that we can receive guests from all over the world!

An up-to-date Northern Lights forecast can be found on the Levi.fi website.

You can also see  what Levi looks like right now !

Levi for families

In Levi there are also activities for the little ones in the family. In winter laden maa (´kinderland´) is the best place for outdoor activities, such as sledding. In summer, on the other hand, many  play areas  and  parks  provide summer activities. Regardless of the weather and the season, your family  can spend a wonderful holiday time together : in the spa, bowling or on a reindeer or husky farm. Visitors of all ages can find things to do in Levi, learn more at Levi.fi. In winter you can get by without your own car -  the ski bus that goes around the fells makes sure of that.